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Marisa Hannewyk

meet co-creator of breathe,

Hi! I'm Marisa

I’m a highly intuitive empath, tarot reader, quantum touch energy healer, advocate for self-healing and living authentically, and a co-creator of breathe. 

I grew up in Brockville, Canada with two loving parents and 3 beautiful siblings. For majority of my childhood, I experienced complex sexual trauma at the hands of a close family member. The concept of "healthy boundaries" wasn't something I learned until much later in life, and so I carried a tremendous amount of shame for several years as I kept my abuser's secret hidden for fear of the safety of both myself and those close to me.

By the age of 10, my abuser was finally caught. He was found guilty and sent to jail after someone close to me became suspicious of his behaviour, granting me the opportunity to share what had been taking place all those years. With only minimal financial support from the courts, I was left to carry on through life with a great deal of pain and guilt.


I had no idea that these buried feelings and unhealed trauma would later resurface as unhealthy patterns and self-destructive behaviours in many areas of my life.


"Within darkness there is light, and I know that part of my purpose this lifetime is to help others find that light with themselves - even when it feels like there is none."


Fast forward to age 30, I had been living the corporate 'dream' for nearly 13 years with a major Canadian bank. I created purpose and meaning for myself in my career, earning several rewards and honours for my successes.


But, my unhealed trauma showed up again. I experienced multiple forms of workplace harassment that were all excused by the company, and the men who harassed me merely received a 'warning' or a 'slap-on-the-wrist'. As you can imagine, this didn't sit right with me.

On a personal front, I found myself in repeated cycles of toxic relationships. I battled with feelings of inadequacy, and fell victim to various forms of ongoing abuse. To help ease the pain, I dissociated, using alcohol and drugs to cope with my deep-seated pain.

Eventually, the Universe stepped in to bring to the fore-front what I could no longer ignore: it was time to heal my childhood trauma. After hitting rock bottom, I made a bold move across the country to begin a new life, and my long-awaited journey of healing.


I finally began connecting the dots of my unhealthy habits, coping mechanisms, and negative patterns back to the trauma from my childhood. I awakened to my purpose in this lifetime: to help others turn their pain into power by establishing a deeper connection to themselves, thereby gaining higher awareness, reclaiming their voice, and healing their mind, body and soul.

I look forward to helping you discover your personal potential so you can establish a healthier, more fulfilling life. 


"My mission is to help others discover a deeper awareness within themselves so they can activate their power, reclaim their voice, and ignite the endless opportunities and abundance that the Universe patiently awaits to provide."

I can help you....

Individual Support

  • Shift out of low-vibrational energetic states into higher levels of vibration by identifying blockages and barriers that are keeping you 'stuck'

  • Identify karmic patterns, and cycles that are preventing you from accessing and maintaining ‘flow’ state

  • Heal and conquer the impacts of sexual trauma by helping you reclaim your voice and reactivate your feminine, sovereign power 

  • Identify your personal tolerance level before low vibrational energy manifests into a physical form 

  • Discover any harmful or destructive coping mechanisms that are keeping you ‘stuck’ in negative cycles of codependency, dis-ease, and challenging circumstances


Workplace Support

  • Instil a mindfulness practice that will support the mental health of both you and your team

  • Amplify your team results and leadership qualities by learning my simple 3-step approach for effective management 

  • Enhance workplace happiness by integrating stress-reducing practices that can be used both with and without a facilitator 

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Feeling drawn to work with me?



 private session








private session

Some Fun Facts about Me...

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Sun sign: Libra

Hometown: Brockville, ON, Canada

Go-to healing modality: Music and movement

Daily habit or ritual for success: Morning gratitude + mantra practice

Inspired by: Individuals who take risks, embrace change, and chase their dreams

Favourite restaurant dish: Tartufina Pizza - Per Se Social Corner, Vancouver BC

Favourite book: A Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

Favourite way to break a sweat: A step class with some great beats!

Favourite way to relax:  A day at the beach

Favourite way to have fun: Seadooing adventures

Best lesson learned about life: Everything happens for a reason

Current obsessions: Keeping active, Audiobooks, and Self-Care activities

Scariest thing I’ve done: Resigned from my banking career and moved across the country to begin a new life

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