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the women of breathe

the story behind

Rekindled, Kindred Spirits


We both truly believe that the Universe connected us, and then reconnected us, for a reason. We (Carrie and Marisa) met in 2010 through mutual friends (i.e. our boyfriends at the time). When our romantic relationships came to an end, we lost touch. Over the years following these breakups, each of our individual paths led us to the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC.

Carrie felt a calling to move west in late 2014, and quickly decided it was where she was meant to be. Years later, Marisa felt a similar inkling and made her move in January 2019. Within a matter of a few months, we reconnected and discovered that we only lived a few blocks from one another.


Marisa Hannewyk & Carrie Bedesky

Co-creators, breathe


As empaths, and highly-intuitive individuals, we share a mission to make healing affordable and accessible within our community.

It wasn't long before we uncovered many striking similarities of our life paths. For example, we both had careers with major Canadian banks, we both experienced similar childhood traumas, and thus experienced similar patterns in our romantic relationships.


More importantly, we shared a love for Spirituality and an interest in helping others heal from trauma. We were both actively working through our own healing journeys, and it didn't take long before our business-savvy mindsets started thinking up ideas on how to turn our passion into a way of life. Shortly thereafter, breathe was born.


We truly believe that our life purpose is to inspire others to discover the self-healing abilities within themselves. By creating a safe space for our community, we empower our clients to learn and facilitate their own energetic healing, thus removing the need for a practitioner and endless dollars spent on repeat healing sessions.

Learn more about us by reading Marisa's Story and Carrie's Story.


We invite you to join our journey to consciously co-create a better life – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.



Marisa and Carrie are both very knowledgeable strong female energies. After my first class I knew both their hearts were in the right place to help others align themselves.

- Matt G, Vancouver BC



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